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Total Pojab Island is basically less drama, more elimination. Which is exactly what we want. This show has only 18 competitors. There are only two tribes. Most of all, Chris McLean isn't the host. A lot of changes, but it's basically the same thing. Welcome to the Isle of Pojab, or, as we call it, Total...Pojab...ISLAND!

Theme SongEdit


(Camera zooms past Tara Bigby and Amy Wilmock, then stops momentarily at Heather glaring at Cody, who has a sheepish expression on his face. The scene jumps to a game of tug-of-war)

Hey Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine,

(Clara and Angus are playing tug-of-war, Clara pulls so hard Angus goes flying into air)

You guys are on my mind

(Ryan is playing guitar, Angus falls on him, pushing him down. Guitar flies into nearby Keira's hands, who falls into lake promptly)

You asked me what I wanted to be

(Keira resurfaces, Kyle surfs past, camera focuses on Kyle)

And I think the answer is plain to see

(Michael runs alongside Kyle with shoes that can walk on water)

I wanna be...

(Jordan underwater, finds knife)


(Jordan brings knife to surface and pops Michael's shoe, who stands helplessly and falls in)

I wanna live close to the sun...

(Michael's other shoe hangs over water, eagle picks it up, carries Michael.)

Pack your bags, 'cause you've already won.

(Similar to the fish/DJ scene in TDI, eagle drops Michael in front of Sam who is meditating, she screams and falls off the log she is sitting on)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way...

(Laima laughs at Sam falling, meanwhile Kayla is about to pop a huge balloon behind Laima's head with Jordan's knife)

I'll get there one day-ayyy.

(Rex is admiring self in mirror)

Because I wanna be...

(Zuri tries to take Rex's mirror to look at herself, they start fighting for it)


(Balloon pop can be heard, Rex and Zuri watch as Laima goes up to fight Kayla, Tobias intervenes and meanly pushes them both down)

Na, na, na na na na...

(Ethan shows Tobias blackberries, who promptly collapses. Minerva hugs Ethan, much like Sierra would hug Cody)

Na na na na na... na na na na na na...

(Lynsey and Kate play pattycake, bear drives Koit up a tree)

I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

(camera jumps to campground, where all contestants are doing the conga and singing "I wanna be...")


(Tara stands in front of line, knocking everyone over, then holds up sign saying "Total Pojab Island")


Team RubyEdit

Samantha "Wonderful" Raston

Clara Masterson

Michael Moroni

Ethan McCardle

Kayla Munch

Minerva Maranzano

Angus DeMatteo

Tobias Valeanto Eliminated

Katrina "Kate" Palanita

Team SapphireEdit

Keira Gray

Kyle Munch

Ryan Bright

Rex "Right Stuff" Anchorman

Zuri Jonassen

Jordan Farr

Laima Lovett

Lynsey Kinney

Koit Kask

Hosts and CrewEdit

Tara Bigby (hostess)

Cody (temporary Sapphire coach)

Heather (temporary Ruby coach)

Amy Wilmock (cook and co-hostess)

Tyler (intern, cameraman)

Sierra (intern)


Episode One: Free FallEdit

A tall twenty-nine-year-old woman appears in front of an island that looks slightly nicer than Camp Wawanakwa.

"Hello, I am Tara Bigby, the host of this awful, horrible, horrendous, disgusting, morally prohibited, terrible pile of a reality show. Here we are at an island just off the coast of the much nicer, bigger, urbanized, civilized, island, the Isle of Pojab. Our competitors think they'll be doing a talent contest or an obstacle game show on that island. But no, they are actually going to spend a summer here, at nearby Milton Island. We bought it."

Tara turns to the left. "I'm standing on the infamous 'Dock of Shame', looking eastward. See the boat I'm looking at?" The camera moves up and down. "Not you, Tyler, the viewers! That boat holds our other two interns. The first one is Tyler here, our cameraman. All three of these interns were once competitors on TDI and TDWT. Now, they have outgrown the series, but we let them stay to give them a decent summer job. Besides, this series is so crappy, we need to give them lots of cash to compensate!"

"Uh, you're not supposed to say that, Tara." Tyler says.

"WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO TALK ON MY SHOW?" Tara screamed. "Anyways, these two competitors, I'm pretty sure Tyler knows them." Tara smirked. "Can you guess who they are...?" she asked in an intimidating tone.

"Uh... Alejandro and Lindsay?"

"Wrong! Heather and Cody! And here they are!"

A speedboat rolled by, and Heather and Cody jumped off.

"Hi guys!" Cody said as he jumped on the dock.

Heather rolled her eyes.

"I wonder if there are any hot contestants!" Cody pondered out loud.

"Cody, dude, you're 20! These guys are like 15!" Tyler announced.

Another boat came by. Off hopped Clara, a 14-year-old tomboy with brown hair and a soccer uniform plus ordinary pants.

"Hey there," said Clara, walking up to Cody. "You are seriously cute. I hope we're on the same team!"

Cody turns to the camera. "Ha ha, Tyler! She likes me!"

"Welcome, Clara!" says Tara. "You're the first kid here!"

"But what about the guy with the awesome T-shirt?"

Heather speaks up. "Clara, he's 20! He's an intern! You're what, 16?"

"I'm 14."

Heather bursts out laughing. Clara moans.

The next boat arrives.

"Hi, Zuri! How are you?" asks Tara, cheerfully.

"Beautiful, brilliant and hot, as always."

Tara's smile turns into a scowl.

'You look a lot like Lindsay." Heather mumbles.

"Who are you?" Zuri says to Clara.


"You're beautiful."

"Thank you."

"But I'm more beautiful."


A muscular teen with brown hair and tanned skin gets on the dock.

"Hey, everyone. I'm Rex." He turns to Heather. "Hey beautiful."

"Drop dead, I'm an intern. I overpower you."

Zuri looks mad. "You're supposed to like me!"

Tyler snickers.

A bright, friendly-looking 15-year-old skips off the boat. His blond hair makes the sun look smiley. His cousin, a confused 16-year-old brunette trudges behind.

"Hey, this isn't a soundstage," remarks Laima, combing her brown hair with her fingers.

"I think we're lost," says Koit, the other one.

"Nope, Laima and Koit, you're here. Welcome." Tara laughs.

Laima stands beside Clara, and Koit stands at the end of the dock. Zuri pulls out a mirror.

The next speedboat causes everyone to look at the boat, then at Cody, then at the boat again, then at Cody, then at Zuri's mirror. Jordan leaps off the boat, and calls out his name really loud. "HI, I'M JORDAN."

Cody says, "You look like me, Jordan."

"I JUST NOTICED THAT," announces Jordan.

"Please stop talking like that", asserts Clara.

"Okay, I'll stop." Jordan looks around. "FOR NOW."

Clara slaps her forehead as speedboat number 6 pulls up to the dock.

"Our next competitor is wonderful," stated Tara.

"But I'm here already," said Zuri.

"No, Wonderful is her nickname. Meet Sam Raston, an environmentalist who isn't a hippie."

"Hey, everyone. Sam is in control now!" A bright blonde girl with a rainbow shirt and green open-toed sandals/shoes slid onto the dock. "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"That's right!" exclaims Tyler.

"Quiet!" yells Heather.

"Next up, Keira, a shy girl who-" Tara is interrupted.

"CODY!!" Keira squeals and jumps to hug Cody. She misses and flies into the water.

Cody in confessional: That girl reminds me of Sierra. Except she has bad aim. Lucky me.

"Sorry, I just watch TV a lot." She blushes and avoids the other campers.

"Welcome, Michael!" exclaims Tara.

"Hey," Michael says back.

"How's your family?"

"Okay. My brother-"

"Good for you."

Michael frowns. He sits alone, not knowing who will like to sit with him.

Tara announces the arrival of Ryan. A rock-music-playing 15-year-old with black hair and a "Trivial" shirt on jumps off the boat.

"Hi guys, I'm Ryan Bright." he says with a slight smile.

"Bright!? THAT is your last name?" Clara laughs hysterically.

"You're not calling me stupid, right?" asks Ryan.

"No, just you're like, dressed in black." Clara says.

"Good, now shut up."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa." Tara intervened. "No namecalling on the first day. There is still plenty to hate about the others. These remaining contestants are mostly Canadian, as these ones are all from other countries. But I'm announcing the teams of the ones here already, because it's gonna take a while for the speedboats to come back."


Clara, Sam and Michael, you are on Team Ruby.

"Yahoo! We're gonna wi-in!" shouted Michael.

"Speaking of Team Ruby," said Tara, "our next contestant has arrived. Say hi to Angus!"

A brown-haired teen wearing a blue snow cap with a Pokeball on it hopped off the boat. "Hey, guys! I'm Angus! A.k.a. awesome! A.k.a. The Winner! A.k.a. The millionaire!"

Tara stopped him. "If you win, you still won't be a millionaire."

Angus sighed. "Aw, man! This show sucks!"

Tara grinned. "One word: Contracts. Anyways, Angus, you are on Team Ruby with Sam over there." Sam waved. "The rest of you are Team Sapphire!"

"Aw, come on! I'm with these guys?" Ryan complained.

"Again, contracts. This was the best idea ever." Tara cleared her throat. "Next up, two siblings who constantly fight, nag, tease, prank and swear. Hopefully, mostly at the other. But if not, it's good for the ratings."

Two blonde kids jumped off their boat. The older one said, "Hi, I'm Kayla! I am going to win this!"

"Like you can win anything," sniggered the younger one.

"Shut up, Kyle!

"You shut up!"

"Kayla is on Team Ruby, Kyle is on Team Sapphire." interjected Tara.

"That was awkward," said Rex.

"We will now introduce our other contestants all at the same time!"

Minerva, a girl in a sky blue track suit, skipped onto the dock. She put her stuff away and went to Team Ruby.

"Good guess!" said Tara. "This is your new team! Also, we are introducing Tobias!

A black-haired tall boy staggered off the boat carrying him. "Let's play a game, Tara. See if you can guess my allergies before I die from them!"

Tara thought a moment. "Blackberries, almonds and pecans!" she said at last.

"And stupidity. No kidding." Tobias reached for his inhaler. "I think this'll come in handy here."

"Yeah, you're right." Tara looked at Tyler. "Our next contestant is here!"

A dirty blonde-haired girl with green eyes walked off her boat holding her luggage. She slid down the dock riding a duffel bag. "Look out below!" she screamed.

CRASH! She went into a pile of others' belongings.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Katrina! Or you can call her Kate."

"Whichever I feel like," added Kate.

Heather in confessional: Oh great, another Izzy.

Ryan in confessional: I like her!

Two more kids jumped off a boat. "We're the last ones," announced a tall, fit blonde teen. He started lifting weights with his 31-pound backpack still on.

"Ethan, aren't you going to take that off? It must feel like a brick!" said the medium-shaped blonde behind her.

"Ethan! Lynsey! Nice!" Tara exclaimed. "Ethan, you are Team Ruby, with Sam, Clara, Michael, Kayla, Minerva, Angus, Tobias and Kate!" Minerva waved. "Lynsey, you are on Team Sapphire with Keira, Kyle, Ryan, Rex, Zuri, Jordan, Laima and Koit!" Koit smiled and Kyle waved.

Tara grinned. "The first challenge is in twenty minutes. Meet me by the dining hall."

"You mean that log building with the moose antlers?" asked Kayla, pointing to the dining hall.

"No, that's the dining hall!" Kyle argued, pointing to a small white shack with flies orbiting the roof. "That must be it. These shows always torture the contestants."

"Kayla's right. That is the dining hall. Kyle is pointing to the communal bathrooms." Tara said.

Kayla stuck her tongue out at Kyle. Kyle crossed his arms and scowled.

Lynsey looked at the bathroom. "Communal bathrooms? Oh no, do we have to do... our stuff with boys?"

"Y'know, Lynsey, I fully expected you to say 'But I'm not Catholic!'" Keira giggled.

"Shut up!" Lynsey yelled.

"Whatever, girls." Tara interjected. "The cabins are marked by colour. Girls are red, boys are blue. Those ones that look like cottages, I mean."

Ten minutes later...

"Okay, Tara," Sam began. "What sadistic challenge is first on your torture list?"

"Jump off this cliff." Tara pointed to a cliff that was 75 feet tall.

Tobias fainted.

Episode Two: Free Fall (Part Two)Edit

"Welcome back!" says Tara.

"You're serious about the cliff?!" screamed Rex.

"Yeah! You have to jump off this 70-ft cliff, landing in the safe zone to get a point. Everywhere else means no point. If you don't want to jump, you get a chicken hat to wear for the whole day. After all the non-chickens jumped, the chickens have one last chance to jump. If not, you take this escalator down to these boxes."

"I'n not jumping," protested Zuri. "I'm not getting my hair wet."

"I'll make you jump, pretty girl." says Lynsey with her hands on her hips.

"You can't make me," began Zuri, "you hair-dyin' mall-shoppin' party-goin' crazy girl!"

"Skirt-wearin' lipstick-applyin' mirror-stealin' guy-gettin' glamour queen!"

"At least I'm popular." Zuri retorted.

Heather laughed. Clara gasped.

"More popular than a dumb blonde, anyways." added Zuri.

Lynsey screamed at the top of her lungs "I AM NOT DUMB!!!!", picked up Zuri and threw her over the cliff.

Almost everyone applauded Lynsey, especially Rex.

Jordan pushed her. "You threw a hotter girl than you over a cliff. You're gonna pay."

Lynsey carried him to the cliff. Jordan protested along the way: "He-hey, no, it was a joke. I didn't mean it. Put me down, you're gonna regret this. You can't do this to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Jordan got hurled off the cliff.

SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH! Both Zuri and Jordan landed in the safe zone. "Two points for Team Sapphire!" cried Tara. "Next up?"

Rex ran off the cliff and landed in the safe zone.

Koit jumped but landed on a buoy. "OWWWW!" he screamed.

"That reminds me of Tyler's jump. THAT was funny," said Cody. Koit slid into the safe zone.

Laima pushed off Keira and jumped afterwards. Keira was safe, but Laima missed the safe zone.

"Five points for Sapphire and one miss. Who's next?"

Lynsey jumped and landed in the safe zone. Ryan jumped but missed the safe zone.

"I'm not jumping," said Kyle.

Tara gave him a chicken hat, which he reluctantly put on. "Six points for Sapphire, two misses and one chicken. Team Ruby's turn."

Clara pushed Heather off the cliff. Heather landed in the safe zone. "That doesn't count, Clara." Clara looked down.

Minerva refused to jump, earning her a chicken hat. Kayla, Clara, Tobias and Michael got a hat also.

Angus jumped, and landed in the safe zone. Sam missed. "One point for Ruby, one miss and five chickens. Holy cow." Tara was shocked.

Ethan and Kate jumped at the same time. They both landed in the safe zone.

"Team Sapphire has six points, Team Ruby has three. Team Sapphire has two misses, Team Ruby has one. Team Sapphire has one chicken, and Team Ruby has five. Chickens, last chance to jump."

Michael took off his chicken hat and jumped. He missed the safe zone. The other five took the escalator.

"Team Ruby now has two misses and four chickens. This'll give then a tiny advantage from if no chicken jumped." Tara grinned.

Sam in confessional: My team is - literally - a bunch of chickens! At least Michael decided to look brave. All I can say is, I'm staying in the game!

"The next part of the challenge," said Tara, "is to build a hot tub from scratch in front of the cabin with your colour. So Team Ruby builds in front of the girls' cabin, and Team Sapphire builds outside the boys' cabin. Oh, and you must open the boxes with your teeth."

Angus in confessional: Oh no, not this again.

"Annnnnnnd, GO!" Tara hollered and stepped away.

Kayla began to gnaw at a box. She got really peeved within seconds.

"Hurry up! You only have two hours!" Tara announced.

Zuri refused to try to open a box. "My teeth are for eating and smiling, not for making hot tubs. Jordan! Open a box for me." Jordan nodded and pulled at a box.

Koit leaned over to Laima. "It's like she's using him."

"Like Heather did in season one." Laima replied.

Ten minutes later, Keira had opened a box. "Hmmm, this has the wood, Let's set up the frame, guys." Everyone started to put it together.

"Keira," said Laima, "why don't you see what Team Ruby is doing?"

"No," said Keira, "I'm too shy."

Laima in confessional: Shy? She's not gonna be much help, but I'll keep her for now.

Twenty minutes passed, and Team Ruby hadn't opened a single box. "Come ON, guys!" yelled Heather. "Do you want to lose to your little brother, Kayla?" Kayla tried harder.

An hour later, Team Sapphire was putting on the final touch (the stairs). But Zuri and Keira were fighting about where to put it.

"It should go near the heater," said Zuri.

"No, away from the heater," said Keira. "If it breaks, bam go the stairs!"

"Who would WANT to go in it if that happens?" asked Zuri.

"ME!" yelled Keira.

Jordan set it down beside the heater and Keira grumbled.

Tara came to judge the hot tubs thirty minutes later. She touched Team Sapphire's hot tub and a piece of wood fell. All the water spilled out the hole. "Oh..."

Keira looked like she was going to cry.

Tara looked at Team Ruby's area. Nobody had opened a single box. "I declare," began Tara, "Team Sapphire the winners!"

Keira stopped crying and hugged a surprised Cody. Rex cheered.

"Which means, Team Ruby will be joining me at the campfire ceremony tonight. See me at the campfire."

Kate in confessional: Already a loss? Well, I know who's going to go.

Ryan sat in the boys' cabin with Rex and Ethan. "Hey guys," he said, "we should make like a tough guy alliance."

"Well, Zuri's got Jordan, so if we take him out, Zuri will be helpless." Rex decided that he would join.

"I'm on a different team, but okay. I'll ask Michael if he wants to join," Ethan agreed.

"And we'll ask... Kyle, I guess," said Ryan. "Because Koit won't join and Jordan is Zuri's plus we want him gone."

"Maybe we'll ask a girl later on." Ethan added.

"Since it's my idea, then I'm captain of this alliance. Go ask Michael if he wants to join, Ethan. Rex, ask Kyle." Ryan smiled.

"Sure thing." Ethan went out, and Rex followed.

They came back a bit later, a bit red from running. Michael was with Ethan. "I'm in the alliance, right, Ryan?"

"Right," said Ryan. "Wait, Rex, did Kyle say no?"

"Yeah, he said that he'll get ahead as soon as his sister is out." Rex reported.

"Let's vote out Tobias," said Michael. "He's mean, has no emotion, and has four allergies. He's unfit."

Everyone agreed. "Go to the ceremony, it's starting soon, I think," Ryan told Ethan and Michael.

The boys arrived to the seven other Ruby campers. "You all know how this works, right?" asked Tara. Everyone nodded. "Good."

"The first marshmallow," said Tara, "goes to... Kate." Kate came up and got her marshmallow.

"There are seven marshmallows left. If I call your name, come and get a marshmallow. Michael."

Michael got his marshmallow.

"Kayla, Sam, Ethan." The kids got their marshmallows.

"Angus." Angus got his marshmallow.

"Minerva." Minerva got her marshmallow.

"This is the final marshmallow of the night. Clara, Tobias, whoever doesn't get this marshmallow gets a one-way all-expense-paid trip to the Dock of Shame, and must be gone by morning."

Clara looked very anxious. Tobias smiled and leaned back. "Goodbye, Clara." he whispered.

Tara looked at the last marshmallow. "The person who receives this marshmallow is..."


Tobias gawked. Clara came up and got her marshmallow.

"Too... much... stupidity... must get... inhaler..." moaned Tobias.

"Man, he wasn't kidding," said Sam.

Tobias got his inhaler, took a deep breath in his inhaler and collapsed to the ground.

"Don't worry," said Tara. "Heather and I will take care of him."

Minerva in confessional: I didn't know who else would've left. I wish nobody had to go. ...But he was kind of a Noah.

At two o'clock at the night, Koit woke up in the boy's cabin to see Tobias grabbing his luggage. "See you later, alligator," said a sleepy Koit.

"In a while, crocodile," said Tobias. "Win for me, okay?" He headed off into the night.

Episode Three: Go On, Night DoomEdit

"Welcome back to Total Pojab Island!" said Tara. "Last time, I freaked out the campers by forcing them off a 70-foot cliff and making them construct a hot tub from scratch. Team Sapphire's hot tub broke when I touched it, but Team Ruby hadn't even opened the boxes, making Sapphire the winners. In the end, Tobias was booted off for not being of any use. This challenge I'm also stealing from TDI. See which one, next!" Rex was the first to wake up. He got his clothes on and then looked around the cabin. He saw that Tobias's bed was empty.

Rex in confessional: Tobias is gone! YES! Well, maybe it was just luck, but our alliance is working out so far.

"Ryan, Ryan, Ryan! Wake up!" Rex exclaimed as he shook Ryan in his bed like a Polaroid picture.

"What, Rex, what?" answered Ryan.

"Tobias is gone! Look, his bed is empty!" Rex pointed to Tobias's bed.

"Oh, he IS!" Ryan rushed to wake up Kyle.

Kyle went and told Jordan.

Jordan went and told Koit.

"Tobias is eliminated! He's gone!" yelled Jordan.

"I KNOW!" screamed Koit.

All the boys looked at him as he fell asleep again.

Fifteen minutes later, all the campers were up. Tara said that they can sleep in until 1 o'clock. They all went back to bed.

Two hours later, Clara went into the confessional.

Clara in confessional: I can't sleep anymore. This is definitely some sort of trick. Tara's up to something, I know it.

When one o'clock came around, Tara went into the girls' cabin with a gong. She struck it and all 17 campers woke up and rushed outside.

"Your challenge today is to run two laps around the whole island." She winked to Heather, Cody and Tyler. "I made sure it was safe by having Sierra run the length." The camera cuts to Sierra sleeping in a bed snoring the word "Cody". "It's safe. The first team back wins a feast!"

All the campers broke out into a run.

Ethan came back first, right before Lynsey and Koit. All three then went for the next lap.

"I forgot to tell them," said Tara, "that the winning team has all of their members back."

Ethan also finished the whole race first, with Lynsey still behind. However, Sam came in third, not Koit. Koit instead came in fifth, with Laima in fourth.

Rex and Michael made it across together, with Kayla, Kyle and Clara all neck-in-neck to get eighth. Clara got ahead by a nose. Ryan ran in alone.

Jordan and Minerva were the last ones in. The final two were still a bit behind.

About two minutes later, Angus and Zuri both rushed into the finish line at the same time. "Since it was a tie, both teams win the feast!" exclaimed Tara.

The feast was mouthwatering. Turkey with all the stuffings, enough gnocci pasta to serve a classroom, and side dishes galore. Even the dessert and drinks were bottomless.

Only Minerva and Rex didn't stuff themselves like there was no tomorrow.

They all went to the elimination area at 10:30 pm. "Since the teams tied," began Tara, "we regret to inform you that... THAT WASN'T THE REAL CHALLENGE!"

"Let me guess," said Rex, "this is a sleeping challenge?"

"Right-O, Rex!" Tara exclaimed. Everyone who had seconds of turkey groaned.

"And GO!" said Tara.

11:00 pm, Day 1: Nobody fell asleep, but Minerva decided to sit beside Ethan. Kyle yelled at his team that the first person to fall asleep will get a nasty surprise.

12:00 am, Day 2: Jordan fell asleep. Kyle rigged his bed to have a bunch of worms come out of the bed when he took off the covers.

2:15 am, Day 2: Ethan and Minerva began to talk.

"Hey Minerva," said Ethan, "what sport do you like?"

"Football is my favourite, but they're all okay." said Minerva.

"Mine too. What's your favourite colour?"

"I dunno, either white or celestial blue. They remind me of the better place."

"Mine is either black or royal blue."

"Cool, we're opposites. Where do you live?"

"Calgary, Alberta. You?"

"Windsor, Ontario."

"Vive le Canada!" Ethan said. "Y'know, I was never that good at social skills."

"I was really good. My psychologist when I was six said I had the social ability of someone almost twice my age." Minerva sighed. "But I'm not that good at competitions."

"I'm good at that, I'll help you." Ethan smiled. "I read a quote somewhere that said 'You lift me and I lift thee and we'll both ascend together."

"Nice quote," said Minerva, "but you'll actually both fall down."

"I thought it was kinda silly when I first read it too."

4:55 am, Day 2: Zuri and Kate fell asleep.

10:30 am, Day 2: Ethan and Minerva talk again.

"Hey Ethan, this could turn into an alliance, you know." said Minerva.

"Yeah, cool. We could be the final two."

The two watched as Kayla and Kyle fell asleep.

1:00 pm, Day 2: Sam falls asleep.

2:05 pm, Day 2: Michael, Rex, Angus, Keira and Laima fell asleep. Ryan looks at Michael and Rex, peeved.

5:00 pm, Day 2: Only Ethan, Minerva, Ryan and Lynsey are awake. Tara begins to read fairy tales, with Amy playing a harp.

7:15 pm, Day 2: Lynsey falls asleep to the sleepy ending of Cinderella. Ryan decides that she is not going to be voted out.

10:30 pm, Day 2: Ryan falls asleep. Ethan and Minerva high-five each other, because they had just won the challenge!

The next evening, Tara gathers all the campers. "A few of you might know that Team Ruby won the challenge, so Team Sapphire has to eliminate their first camper."

Ryan in confessional: Our plan is to vote out Jordan. I'll get an alliance with Kyle and Koit temporarily to vote him out.

"The votes are in," said Tara. "The first marshmallow goes to... Ryan." Ryan got his marshmallow.

"If I say your name, take a marshmallow. Keira." Keira got her marshmallow.

"Rex." Rex got his marshmallow.

"Lynsey. Laima. Zuri." The girls got their marshmallows.

"Jordan, Koit, Kyle, I only have two marshmallows. And the only one who is guaranteed to get one is... Koit." Tara let Koit get a marshmallow.

Kyle winked at Ryan and Koit. Jordan also looked confident.

"The last marshmallow goes to..."


Kyle looked confused. Jordan happily got his marshmallow.

"Kyle, pack up. You only have until morning to grab your stuff and go on the loser boat."

Kyle trudged into the boys' cabin. "Hey Kyle!" said Angus cheerfully. "Is a girl out?"

"No, I am." All the Ruby boys gasped as Kyle headed to the dock of shame with his duffel bag.

Kayla was waiting for him at the dock of shame. "I knew this day would come, Kyle."

"I know, Kayla, but you won't win either." Kyle jumped on the boat and was driven away.

Kayla in confessional: My main competition's gone, so I am now much more likely to win. See you later, bro!

Episode Four: The Name GameEdit

"Welcome back to Total Pojab Island!" said Tara. "Last time, I made all the campers stay awake as long as possible after eating a Thanksgiving-sized dinner. Ethan and Minerva both outlasted the others, so Team Ruby won. In the end, Kyle was sent home for playing a mean prank on Jordan. See what happens next time on TPI!"

The guys' alliance met by the bathroom.

"Kyle got out, so now we need to permanently draft Koit and Angus if we want to stay in the game." said Ryan.

"Angus?" asked Rex. "He's a geek! Why do you want him?"

"Because we have no other choice," said Michael. "We need him, or I'll get booted off!"

"We can't afford to lose another member," said Ethan.

"Fine," Rex grumbled, "if we really will move up because of it."

Ethan in confessional: I think Rex is planning something against the alliance.

Rex in confessional: I'm probably going to make a secret alliance to vote out an 'ally'. But with whom?

"Everyone come to the dining hall!" announced Tara.

The contestants assembled in the dining hall.

"Today's challenge involves the meaning of your names. This challenge will be split into two days. Team Ruby gets today, Team Sapphire gets tomorrow. I'll start with the person whose name means 'bright'. ...Clara."

Clara clutched her head.

"Your challenge is to look into Rex's pearly whites for fifteen minutes."

Both Clara and Rex groaned.

Rex smiled, and the whole room was illuminated.

"Begin now!"

Clara was able to look for 11 minutes until she looked away yelling "OW! OW! OW! My eyes!" Rex held his face saying "OW! OW! OW! My jaw!"

"Sorry. You had three minutes left. Michael's turn. He heh. His name means 'who is like God?'. So we brought back Tobias, whose name means 'God is good', to have a conversation about religion for 15 minutes. HA! Annnnnnnnnd, GO!"

Tobias began. "So, did you know that the three wise men never were mentioned in the Bible?"

"Oh, really?" asked Michael.

"Yeah, I heard it somewhere. Did you know that Paul took four journeys to Greece and Italy to preach Christianity?"

"The disciple Paul?"

"Yeah, I know. Weird, isn't it?"

"Then again, the people in that time may have made more proof."

"Good point. Hey, can we change the subject to like Jewish?"

"You lose!" said Tara. "You said something about the conversation, not religion."

"Not fair," cried Michael, "I was just being polite."

"Yay, I get to leave this dump," exclaimed Tobias. Amy escorted him out.

"Sam, you are nextarino," said Tara. "You have to literally stop and smell the roses. Actually, tulips for 15 minutes."

Sam successfully smelled the tulips for 15 minutes. As soon as she was done, she sneezed Zuri's bandana off.

"Minerva! Your turn!" said Tara. "Your name means wisdom, so you must pretend to be a model for 15 minutes while wearing a hat that looks like a brain."

Minerva began to pose like she was a fashion model. Her cap fell off, so she whipped it back on. "Oh I forgot, if it's off your head for more than four seconds, you lose!" said Tara.

At the final second, she turned and winked at Ethan.

Ethan winked back. "I'll volunteer to go next," he said.

"Okay, Ethan, or should I say, solid. You must stand still for 15 minutes. The only things you can do are breathe, speak and scratch an itch. GO!"

Ethan did well, he asked Tara how much time was left seven minutes in, and scratched his chest nine minutes in. At ten minutes Tara began hurling dodgeballs at him.

Only three hit, and he didn't flinch. At the fifteen-minute mark, Minerva ran up and hugged Ethan. "You did it, Ethan!"

"This next one doesn't make sense," announced Tara. "Today it's Katrina, right?" she asked Kate.

"Yep," said Katrina.

"Katrina is a variant of Catriona, which is Gaelic for Katherine, which could come from the name of the Greek goddess Hecate, who was associated with crossroads. So for fifteen minutes, you will stand or sit between where the paths to the campfire, the cabins and the dock of shame meet. You can do whatever you want, but don't move."

While the others watched Katrina, they realized there were only 14 of them. "Where's Zuri?" they asked.

Zuri ran back from the cabins. "Katrina!" she gasped. "Somebody ate your potato chips!"

"Oh no!" Katrina ran to the cabins.

"Looks like Katrina just lost!" said Tara.

"But my pota-" started Katrina.

"I lied." said Zuri.

Katrina charged to Zuri but Jordan held her back.

"This is getting interesting! Anyways, one person's name means "crown of laurel", so they will wear a laurel wreath until sundown. The other's means "one energy", so they will get a massive shot of adrenaline for the rest of the day and try not to crash before sunset."

Kayla gulped. "Am I the second one?"

"No, you are the first! Angus is the second."

Kayla got her wreath and reluctantly put it on.

Angus held out his arm. "Ow!" he exclaimed as the needle poked into his arm. Suddenly his eyes grew really wide.

Everyone else edged away slowly. "Whatareyoubackingawayfrom?" asked an energized Angus. "I'mstillnormal.Nothing'swrong.Ifeelalittlefunnythoughbutthat'saboutit.ThiswouldbegreatfortestsandschoolbecauseIalwayssleepthroughthat,youknow?"

At 5:00 that night, Angus was normal again. "Wow, that was just action-packed!" he yelled in the boys' cabin as he threw his arms in the air. "I think that us Rubies are gonna win."

"I don't think so," answered Ryan. "We have tomorrow. Today was your day. Tomorrow is ours."

"Wait and see," replied Ethan.

Just before the sun came down, Kayla threw her wreath into the water. She realized what she had just done, and groaned.

"That's 4 points for Team Ruby. Sam, Ethan, Minerva and Angus. Clara, Michael, Katrina and Kayla let their team down. Team Sapphire needs only five points to win."

Ethan secretly asked Minerva to be in an alliance with him.

"Of course, Ethan," said Minerva. "We can't help each other out and not be allied. Hey, we should ask Sam."

So they did, and she agreed.

Sam in confessional: This is probably going to be the final three, this alliance. My mind, Ethan's strength and Minerva's discipline, we can do anything!

The next day, Koit woke up early and went to the confessional.

Oh, we are so gonna win.

(To be continued)

Episode Five: The Avoid the Spherical Object GameEdit

Episode Six: Survivor: PojabEdit

Episode Seven: Fear of the WhateverEdit

Elimination TableEdit

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Michael IN IN WIN
Minerva IN IN WIN
Lynsey IN WIN IN
Tobias IN OUT

Color Code:

     On Team Ruby.

     On Team Sapphire.

     WIN: Was on the winning team.

     WIN: Won individual challenge or won for their team.

     IN: Got a a marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     LOW: Got the final marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     OUT: Voted off in this episode.

     QUIT: Won the challenge but left the competition anyways.

     OUT: Was automatically eliminated.

     RT: Returns in this episode and therefore was invincible.

Full Vote CountEdit

Just like in Goldenshane's Total Drama Craziness, you get to see the votes of all the campers.

Free Fall:

Angus votes for Clara. "I can't compete with you."

Clara votes for Tobias. "You just freak me out."

Ethan votes for Tobias. "Alliance rules. Not that I'm sorry."

Kate silently votes for Minerva.

Kayla votes for Tobias. "Geez, at least try."

Michael votes for Tobias. "Ryan's orders."

Minerva votes for Tobias. "I like people who are easy to communicate with. Not you."

Sam votes for Clara. "Why didn't you jump?"

Tobias silently votes for Clara.

3 votes for Clara, 5 votes for Tobias, 1 vote for Minerva. Tobias is eliminated.

Go On, Night Doom:

Jordan votes for Kyle. "You are the meanest kid I have ever known."

Keira votes for Kyle. "Calm down, it's just a game."

Koit votes for Jordan. "Don't take this personally. It's Zuri we're after."

Kyle votes for Jordan. "You totally flunked us."

Laima votes for Kyle. "Lynsey and I teamed up to kick you off."

Lynsey votes for Kyle. "Laima said I should."

Rex votes for Jordan. "Goodbye, pawn."

Ryan votes for Jordan. "You are of no value to anyone except Zuri. This is for your own good."

Zuri votes for Kyle. "I'm not kicking off the J-ster quite yet."

5 votes for Kyle, 4 votes for Jordan. Kyle is eliminated.

The Name Game:

Jordan votes for Koit. "Watch a movie and you say no? Buzz off."

Keira silently votes for Lynsey.

Koit votes for Jordan. "We can't have you around anymore."

Laima votes for Keira. "You cost us the win."

Lynsey votes for Koit. "Rex is on to something. I'll play along for now."

Rex votes for Koit. "Your joy drives me nuts."

Ryan votes for Keira. "Sorry, but you're too soft."

Zuri votes for Koit. "Something tells me that somebody else is a smart cookie, too."

4 votes for Koit, 1 vote for Lynsey, 1 vote for Jordan, 2 votes for Keira. Koit is eliminated.

The Avoid the Spherical Object Game:

Jordan votes for Rex. "Goodbye man candy."

Keira votes for Jordan. "Maybe if Zuri would shut her trap, we could have won."

Laima votes for Ryan: "Get your head in the game!"

Lynsey silently votes for Ryan.

Rex votes for Ryan. "Don't you dare take it personally."

Ryan votes for Lynsey. "Don't spaz."

Zuri votes for Rex. "C'mon! We need you! Screw the strategy!"

2 votes for Rex, 1 vote for Jordan, 3 votes for Ryan, 1 vote for Lynsey. Ryan is eliminated.

Survivor: Pojab (Ruby Side):

Angus votes for Kayla. "Shut up already."

Clara votes for Kayla. "You can be too competitive."

Ethan votes for Kayla. "We should've left you at the creek."

Kate votes for Kayla. "Obnoxious and loud-mouthed, that's you."

Kayla votes for Minerva. "Of course they won't get you a fire! Use your noggin!"

Michael votes for Kayla. "Blah blah blah."

Minerva silently votes for Kayla.

Sam silently votes for Kayla.

7 votes for Kayla, 1 vote for Minerva. Kayla is eliminated.

Survivor: Pojab (Sapphire Side):

Jordan votes for Zuri. "Guess what? This isn't Paris, girl."

Keira votes for Zuri. "I couldn't think of anyone else. You're just too good."

Laima votes for Jordan. "Planning against my BFF, are you?"

Lynsey votes for Jordan. "Gosh, just go home!"

Rex votes for Keira. "Meek minds are left behind. My personal motto."

Zuri votes for Jordan. "Oh no you did not."

2 votes for Zuri, 3 votes for Jordan, 1 vote for Keira. Jordan is eliminated.

Fear of the Whatever:

Keira votes for Rex. "A FACE MASK!? I mean, COME ON!"

Laima votes for Rex. "Narcissist."

Lynsey votes for Rex. "Put down your mirror and play."

Rex votes for Keira. "Why aren't you gone yet?"

Zuri votes for Rex. "Is your middle name Justin?"

4 votes for Rex, 1 vote for Keira. Rex is eliminated.

Remember Your Meme:

Angus votes for Michael. "You're coattail riding."

Clara votes for Minerva. "Ethan's already too powerful. Having you here is making him more powerful."

Ethan votes for Angus. "Look at me, I'm white and nerdy."

Kate votes for Ethan. "Too powerful. You will dominate us."

Michael votes for Clara. "Tomboys are all the same: they play hard, then crash and burn."

Minerva votes for Kate. "Thanks for losing for us."

Sam votes for Kate. "You finally play the game and it screws us over."

1 vote for Michael, 1 vote for Minerva, 1 vote for Angus, 1 vote for Ethan, 1 vote for Clara, 2 votes for Kate. Kate is eliminated.

Ring Around the Dining Hall:

Angus votes for Minerva. "Oh come on, you're no angel."

Clara votes for Angus. "Your time is up."

Ethan votes for Angus. "No explanation needed."

Michael silently votes for Clara.

Minerva votes for Angus. "Geez! If you stay with her, you'll go down!"

Sam votes for Minerva. "Sorry, but Angus isn't worth it."

2 votes for Minerva, 4 votes for Angus. Angus is eliminated.

Ready, Set, Merge:

Clara votes for Tobias. "You had your chance."

Ethan votes for Tobias. "You're back? Not for long."

Keira votes for Lynsey. "Something about you is very suspicious."

Laima votes for Lynsey. "You in general is a danger to my game.

Lynsey votes for Keira. "Time's up."

Michael votes for Tobias. "Heh heh. If he finds out I voted for him..."

Minerva votes for Tobias. "Now I have the majority vote."

Sam votes for Tobias. "That's off the chain!"

Tobias votes for Lynsey. "If you want to be mean, don't steal pens. Wait a second..." *thinks* "All the more reason to kick you out."

Zuri silently votes for Lynsey.

5 votes for Tobias, 4 votes for Lynsey, 1 vote for Keira. Tobias is saved from elimination when Keira is automatically eliminated for losing.

Stop Squirming:

Clara votes for Zuri. "Michael and I are taking you down once and for all."

Ethan votes for Zuri. "She'll never take the boat of losers because she's gonna SWIM to Playa des Losers."

Laima votes for Zuri. "Get lost."

Lynsey votes for Zuri. "Like you are of any use."

Michael votes for Zuri. "Voting with my BFF." *stares* "Best female friend."

Minerva votes for Zuri. "This will be an easy one."

Sam votes for Zuri. "Who else?"

Tobias votes for Zuri. "Get lost."

Zuri votes for Sam. "You're too popular, and stubborn."

8 votes for Zuri, 1 vote for Sam. Zuri reveals she's invincible at the campfire ceremony, eliminating Sam.

Hide and Run:

Clara votes for Zuri. "Overkill!"

Ethan votes for himself. "It's just not fun anymore."

Laima votes for Zuri. "I can't think of anyone else."

Lynsey votes for Laima. "I have no need for you."

Michael angrily votes for Zuri. "I hate you I hate you I hate you!"

Minerva votes for Zuri. "No doubt."

Tobias votes for Ethan. "I can tell you're tense about something. Maybe it's not the best for you to go on. Sorry, Laima, for not voting with you.

Zuri silently votes for Tobias.

4 votes for Zuri, 2 votes for Ethan, 1 vote for Laima. Ethan quits.

A Better Challenge?:

Clara votes for Laima. "Meanie!"

Laima votes for Lynsey. "You trickster!"

Lynsey votes for Laima. "Toodles!"

Michael votes for Laima. "I thought I could trust you."

Minerva votes for Lynsey. "I smell a rat."

Tobias votes for Lynsey, then turns on his iPod which plays "Starstrukk" by 3oh!3.

Zuri votes for Laima. "You can't do that, girl!"

4 votes for Laima, 3 votes for Lynsey. Nobody is eliminated.

No Time for Losers:

Kyle, Koit, Ryan, Kayla, Rex, Angus, Keira, Sam, Ethan and Minerva vote for Lynsey.

Tobias votes for Michael.

Kate and Jordan vote for Zuri.

10 votes for Lynsey, 1 vote for Michael, 2 votes for Zuri. Lynsey is eliminated.

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